Things You Need To Know About Pearls

Pearls are known as the gem of the sea, and they used to be a rarity, making them valuable and expensive. The pearls in personalised jewellery UK are some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful wonders, as this gem is made from the by-product of shelled animals like wild oysters and molluscs.

Types Of Pearls

There are different types of pearls that you may find in your pearl jewellery, where the cost mainly depends on how they were collected and harvested. One type is the natural pearl that is more expensive than those from pearl farms. It also refers to the natural process of pearl creation before pearl farming emerged. Nowadays, natural pearls are nearly nonexistent in the market.
Another type of pearl is cultured pearls produced with the assistance of pearl farmers. Most pearls you can find in personalised pearl jewellery in the market are typically made from cultured pearls.

Additionally, another pearl variation is imitation pearls artificially made from glass or plastic. When selling pearl jewellery UK in the market, jewellers and manufacturers must present it as an imitation. Aside from this, there are also freshwater pearls derived from freshwater molluscs instead of oysters that produce ocean water pearls. Both variations of pearls are formed naturally.

Another kind of pearl is the Akoya pearl, which comes from the Akoya oysters in Japan’s pearl farms. It is the first type of pearls to be cultured in pearl farms, and today, they are considered the most popular type of pearl worldwide.

There are also South Sea pearls from Pinctada maxima oysters, among the unique kinds of pearls globally. This pearl is more prominent and lustrous than other varieties, which take longer to form, making it one of the most expensive pearls in today’s market.

Lastly, another type of pearl is the Tahitian pearl from French Polynesia and Tahiti Islands, also known as black pearls formed from the black-lipped oyster called the Pinctada Margaritifera. Tahitian pearls are usually dark green, which can appear as black.
For more information about pearls in contemporary pearl jewellery UK, here is an infographic by Charming Jewellery Store.

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