Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Car Insurance

With the inherent dangers of driving along the Philippines’ roads, it is a wise decision for car owners to insure their vehicles. Drivers and their passengers are exposed to certain dangers they have no control over during their day-to-day commute to school or work. 

There are two types of car insurance Ph available for Filipino drivers: compulsory third-party liability (CTPL) and comprehensive car insurance.

CTPL insurance provides the basic coverage protection as mandated by law. This type of policy offers car owners financial coverage for death indemnity, permanent disability, bodily injury, and medical expenses of third parties involved in an accident for up to 100,000 pesos.

Meanwhile, comprehensive car insurance Ph is the car insurance that vehicle owners can acquire if they want more financial protection. This car insurance covers loss, theft, property damage, accidental collision, personal accident, fire, explosions, damages caused by natural disasters, as well as malicious acts by third parties.

But even though car insurance policies provide various benefits, including peace of mind, some drivers are still adamant about purchasing one, often indicating that insurance policies are expensive.

Are Car Insurance Policies Expensive?

The fact is, no car insurance policy has fixed premiums. Insurance plans have different amounts of coverages; hence, they will have varying premium rates. In addition, insurance costs are also affected by several factors: driving record and habits, age and gender, the vehicle’s make and model, and type and amount of insurance coverage.

In addition, with the numerous insurance providers in the market today, vehicle owners will be able to find a suitable car insurance policy for them. The best practice is to shop around and look at the policy’s inclusions and prices. This will enable them to weigh whether the amount of coverage justifies the premium rate.

Moreover, an insurance policy is only an expensive liability if drivers opt to purchase the policy with the cheapest premium. It is more of a best practice to look at the amount of coverage a policy has instead of looking at the price. Insurance policies with the lowest price often include little financial protection; hence, vehicle owners will have to fork out money to pay for repairs if involved in an accident.

Here is an infographic from, which discusses how vehicle owners can ensure they purchase the best car insurance policy by avoiding bad practices.

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