Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History | Infographic

It’s no secret that many people want to get rich, and many of them are even trying their luck in lotteries, casino gambling, and sports betting. This method is not a sure way of getting rich since losing is normal, but some bettors managed to get rich after getting lucky from jackpots and parlays.

Some sportsbooks offer jackpot bets where bettors will have to guess the correct outcome of multiple matches and have an allowance of one or two losses before bettors lose their entire bet, while others may not and only allow bettors to bet on regular parlays. Singaporean sports bettors can monitor soccer odds in Singapore Pools or foreign sportsbooks, take advantage of the odds in simple moneyline bets, or make their own multi-leg parlays.

It’s a given that most big winners in the gambling scene are high rollers because they can afford to stake so much money, but some staked low and ended up with either millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ll be focusing more on low rollers who got extremely lucky and got rich.

After getting a free horse racing ticket, one bettor placed a £2 bet on six random horses in a pari-mutuel jackpot. Steve Whiteley received the free ticket and randomly chose six horses, even choosing a bad horse that lost its past 20 plus races. Because of this bet, many other horse bettors were in disbelief that he got lucky and won £1.45 million.

Another bettor placed an even smaller bet of £0.30 on a 15-leg parlay. The odds were +166666600, and it was extremely unlikely that all the predictions would be correct. Mick Gibbs did, in fact, not guess all outcomes correctly and lost one bet, but he was still lucky enough to take home £500,000.

There are more big betting winners worldwide, and some of them made history as part of the biggest ones. Rookie bettors can dream of eventually joining them, and they can get started by checking Singaporepools odd and comparing them with that of a foreign sportsbook’s to see which ones are better. They can even try looking for jackpots or making their own parlays. But for more information on some of the biggest sports betting wins in history, bettors can check out this article by CM2Bet.

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History