Hurricane Ida is in the Rear-View Mirror. What’s Next?

A structural inspection after a storm is crucial for property owners. And they must hire the right structural engineer New Jersey  for the job.

They need to know the extent of damage caused by the calamity to carry out repairs and restorations. Prolonging the task can worsen the structure’s condition and make it a safety hazard for people. It can also result in more significant and expensive damage with further delay.

Heavy rainfall and strong winds cause significant damage to houses and commercial establishments. Even if some only sustained minimal flaws, they could become more dangerous unchecked. No matter how minor the defects might be, they can still decrease the structure’s soundness. This makes the building more vulnerable if another calamity comes.

The inspection process includes assessing various structural components. A few examples are the façade, foundation walls, roof, building frame, and other major systems. It also encompasses identifying the cause of the damage (e.g., water or flying objects). This allows the engineer to determine ways to make the structure more resilient.

Swift action after a hurricane is important. Likewise, a higher level of preparation before the next disaster arrives is essential.

Thus, property owners must hire a professional NJ structural engineer. The in-depth assessment of the structure can uncover possible issues in its components. With it, residents can fortify their houses or commercial buildings. These structures must be sturdy enough to reduce damage from strong winds and floods. They should also be able to lessen safety hazards for people on the premises.

Last September 2021, Hurricane Ida ravaged New Jersey. It caused devastating damage to various structures in the state. Although several intense storms have gone in the past years, there can be more in the future.

See this infographic from Lockatong Engineering. It explains the importance of structural inspections before and after a calamity.

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