How to choose NFC chips for your metal cards

How to choose NFC chips for your metal cards

Near-field communication (NFC) has many benefits. Many businesses have already made the switch to NFC technology. NFC technology can be used by organizations to share contactless business card UK information, despite the potential health risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be customized by companies to serve as an identity verification scheme.

Without an NFC chip, the NFC system will not work. The NFC chip processes information sent by NFC devices. It is used in conjunction with the NFC tag, or passive component of the system, that receives and stores the data.

Buyers might be confused by the variety of NFC chips available. When purchasing an NFC chip, it is vital to be aware of these factors:

NFC’s Data retention

NFC chip manufacturers ensure that chips can store data for long periods. Businesses, particularly those in highly regulated industries, must keep their data safe. NXP Semiconductors’ NTAG chips can store data for as long as ten years.

NFC Memory Size

It is important that consumers consider the size of each NFC chip’s memory. This is a key determining factor, as the NFC chip’s memory size will determine its price. NFC chips with larger memories might be preferred by businesses, particularly if the cards are used for a specific purpose.

These are the specifications for each NTAG NFC chip’s memory:

  • NTAG216 – 888 bytes
  • NTAG215 – 504 Bytes
  • NTAG213 — 144 bytes

NFC Encryption

Anyone who scans the tag using a smartphone or NFC reader can see the content of the business card. This increases the potential for fraud and other scams against customers and organizations. Therefore, buyers should look for NFC chips with encryption.

Trusted NFC companies should be able to provide high-quality and environmentally friendly NFC products, such as NFC chips that can be used with metal cards. These companies can also customize the NFC business cards. NFC Tagify is a trusted NFC provider customers can trust. Refer to our website at to learn more about us and our products.