Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags | Infographic

Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags | Infographic

Near Field Communication (NFC ), aside from the usual data sharing, can be used for other everyday tasks in the office, at home, and many more. So, here are different uses of custom NFC stickers and tags that may be cooler than what you already know.

Uses that are Company-Related

NFC Business Card – It is possible to program a business card with your contact information, website address, and social media account. NFC-enabled digital business cards can help anyone save time with easier streamlined introductions.

An Identification Card – NFC cards as IDs for employees of companies may also allow them to go in and out of the business establishment with just one tap.

Access Grant and Restriction to Devices and Facilities – Office workers can use the tag for general access while people of greater significance in a company may be given a different tag for a specific device of facility access.

Loyalty Cards – offering discounts to their loyal customers is easy with NFC technology. They can track customer preferences that can help them encourage retention.

Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi Hotspots – It is possible to program NFC tags UK for different types of internet connection use. Employees might be able to connect to one Wi-Fi connection while VIPs or business partners could be connected to others within the vicinity.

Miscellaneous Uses

Make payments – Because NFC stickers/cards have the ability to store credit and debit card information, users simply need to tap them on a payment terminal.

Control Smart Homes – tech-savvy people interested in automating their homes. Can use NFC tags that automatically turn things in the house with the help of special software.

Unlock Doors – They could also be used to open or close doors in homes. They only need to install NFC locks in order to match the use of their NFC card.

As Kitchen Timers – make meal preparations easier with NFC tag timers to streamline processes and makes it easier for people to be more productive in their daily food preparation tasks.

Emergencies Calls or Text – NFCs are very helpful in emergencies, especially for parents as well as their children. They can teach their children to use customized NFC tags during emergencies. This can connect with an emergency hotline or a relative who could provide immediate assistance. NFC tags are versatile, useful, secure, and will continue to be useful in the future. Check out this infographic to learn more.

Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags