2 angle float

How to Safely Transport Horses with a 2-Horse Angle Load Float

A 2-horse angle load float offers a practical solution for transporting two horses by positioning them at an angle to the direction of travel. This configuration maximises space, allowing for easier loading and unloading, and generally provides a more comfortable ride for the horses. 

However, proper procedures and guidelines must be followed to ensure the safety and comfort of your horses during transport. 

Preparing Your Horses for Travel

Acclimating Your Horses

If your horses are not accustomed to travelling in a float, take time to acclimate them. Gradually introduce them to the float by feeding them near it, then inside it, without moving the float. Practice loading and unloading until they are comfortable.

Health Check

Ensure your horses are healthy and fit for travel. Schedule a veterinary check-up to confirm they are free from illness or injury. Ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date and that they have a health certificate if required by your travel destination.

Feeding and Hydration

Avoid feeding your horses large meals immediately before travel to prevent digestive issues. Provide plenty of water before the journey and plan regular stops to offer water during the trip, as dehydration can be a significant risk during transport, especially on long trips.

Loading Procedure

  • Calm Environment: Ensure the loading area is calm and free from distractions.
  • Lead the Horse: Lead your first horse calmly into the float. Maintain a calm and confident demeanour to reassure your horse.
  • Secure the Horse: Once the horse is inside, secure it with a halter and lead rope to the tie ring. Ensure the partition is in place to keep the horse steady.
  • Load the Second Horse: Repeat the process with the second horse. Ensure both horses are comfortable and secure before closing the float.

Unloading Your Horses

  • Calm Environment: Ensure the unloading area is safe and calm.
  • Open the Float: Carefully open the float, ensuring the horses remain calm.
  • Lead the Horses Out: Lead the horses out one at a time, starting with the one closest to the exit.
  • Post-Travel Check: Once unloaded, check the horses for any signs of stress or injury. Provide water and allow them time to relax.

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