How to Find the Perfect Antigua Beachfront Villa for Your Getaway

It can be tough to find the perfect Antigua beachfront villa for your upcoming holiday vacation. The island has plenty of resorts with wonderful villas for rent, each with unique facilities, amenities, and services that answer the needs of a broadly diverse population of guests.

As you scroll across the web looking for the ideal beachfront villa in Antigua, you might be wondering what exactly you must look for in one. To help you make a decision and enjoy your break sooner, below is a checklist of everything you need to find in a luxury beachfront villa:

Determine Your Needs

To quickly rule out villas that do not fit your criteria, it is essential to familiarise yourself with your specific needs. Each villa has different offers depending on the guest, and some may not be able to give you what you’re looking for.

Do you need a personal chef to cook your meals? How about rooms and a space to play for children? Perhaps you need special features, such as a swimming pool, yoga room, gym, or outdoor kitchen? 

Take your time to list down everything you expect in a villa, and use them as a basis for whether a certain residence makes the cut. This will hasten your selection and ensure you don’t miss a requirement.

Beachfront vs. Beach View

A common mistake made by tourists when booking luxury villas is accidentally interchanging beachfront and beach views. While both terms sound the same, the actual view you’ll get will differ largely.

Beach view will generally give you a view of the shore and ocean, regardless of whether it is blocked by something or is far from your accommodation. Be careful when booking this type of view since the actual scenery might be disappointing.

Look for beachfront villas since these offer direct access to the shores and waters of Antigua straight from your doorstep. Always clarify with the resort to ensure that they are providing actual beachfront accommodation and not just a little glimpse from your window.


Location and Destinations

The location of the villa is vital to the convenience of your travels. Consider the distance of the villa from your target destinations, whether they can be walked to or need public transportation. Also include how far the beachfront villa is from vital establishments like clinics, restaurants, and shops.

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