Know more about Horse Race Betting

Sports betting has been a popular and well-loved pastime for a lot of sports lovers. Through sports betting, sports such as basketball, baseball, and classic horse racing can be freely enjoyed by people while earning some cash.

Ever since the 16th century, horse betting has already been a famous sport among the wealthy. This sport first came to life in 1600, during the time of King James I. From then on, it has always played a significant part in British culture.

Later on, Queen Anne II has placed horse betting into the spotlight as she turned an open space along the Windsor Castle to make the horses gallop around freely. In 1711, they established the Ascot race meeting. And up to this day, the Royal Ascot festival is being celebrated in honour of the Queen.

As time progressed, this sport has developed, and several changes were made. However, due to other sports rising in popularity, horse racing has entirely lost its glory. But despite this, horse racing still has patrons who come flocking in to watch events making this sport still relevant and the most attended sport of all time.

Like other sports such as dog racing betting Singapore, horse racing also comes with different types where you can participate in. But among all those types, there are three that stand out among the rest. And those win bet, place bet, and show bet.

All you have to do is pick one horse you think will finish first in a win or straight bet. If your chosen horse places first, then you become the winner. Place bet is a little different. Because in this type of betting, you must select a horse that will come first or second. Meanwhile, show chance is a little more like place betting, but you have to choose the horse who will finish first, second, or third for this betting type.

People usually participate in all this betting while watching the horses race in the field. However, due to technological advancements and the spread of COVID-19, online horse betting Singapore is now more encouraged. Through this, you can still have fun watching your favourite horse racing while being safe in the comforts of your home.

If you still have more questions about horse racing, you can check this informative infographic from 88ProBet.

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