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The current pandemic forces us to reconsider how we live and work, as well as what our post-crisis world will look like. From social isolation to remote working, how we adapt to this ever-changing terrain will be critical to our capacity to traverse it and emerge stronger in the long run.

From critical insights into the main industry trends and investment opportunities to leadership sessions and inspirational keynotes from thought leaders, the summit is certain to impact the way we see the future.

Business Building Rock Star Summit
Business Building Rock Star Summit

Innovating for the Future of Europe: Moving Beyond Rebound

When it comes to global recovery, the European Business Summit will be a focal point for highlighting Europe’s continuous digital and sustainable developments, as well as its renewed engagement with longstanding partners and neighbors.

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Take a look at what they have to say about the summit.

You want the best? Those are some of the comments we’ve received about our fantastic guidance.

“It was a great event. Meet with head engineers and maintenance managers from a range of companies/projects to get a better understanding of rolling stock maintenance.”

Cynthia West


“Customer wants and expectations” to “future societal and technological developments”, this agenda covers all facets of modern travelers’ increasing information needs. Its international speaker lineup ensures a stimulating and thought-provoking interaction among all delegates.”


Donald Martin


“Executives in this field have a unique opportunity to share their knowledge with one another as well as to build lasting relationships in the aim of optimizing customer experience and preserving sustainable business.”

John Bryant


“An extensive electrification initiative is underway in the UK, and the requirement for a cost-effective and efficient system is essential. By participating in these forums, we can share our objectives and experiences so that we can continue to set the bar for world class electrification systems.”


Ana Ragan


“In order to deliver on the promise of the customer experience, the agenda has been carefully constructed to focus on the entire trip experience. Railways in a deregulated and competitive economy should be interested in this study.”


Virginia Siller


“Having the opportunity to attend this lecture in London was a real treat. As a whole, this year’s Congress was well-executed.”


John Thompson


In the sections below, we outline the important processes to generating participants for your virtual event, as well as speakers and partners.

1 Hour Training

For the first time, our grassroots event marketing strategists share some of their key tactics and ideas for planning, promotion, partnering, post-event, and more in this free training video.

Identify your goals

How do you plan to achieve your major and secondary objectives for the virtual conference or summit? Those that are more important or dependent on others?

Meeting vs. Conference

A virtual summit usually has a host/moderator who facilitates the conversation amongst panels, guests speakers and interviewers. With a strong message and call to action, interactive features are less prominent.

When, Where, How, and Who?

Your organization’s calendar has a time slot that works for you and your speakers, so choose that time slot accordingly. Remember to factor in variances in time zones, travel logistics, and any necessary speaker tech training.