Another winter season is approaching

We are once again approaching the end of the year. This year we have though had a great summer, so we have had our share of sun and perfect summer weather driving. The nice part of driving during excellent summer with a good set of summer tyres is that you have the optimal conditions to get the max out of your tyres and of your car.  A good quality summer tyres will have such a good grip on the asphalt. The feeling of being glued to the road crosses the mind as you take on corners. The car follows the steering wheel without losing any grip. It is one of the best driving experiences you can have.

When winter comes, you need to make sure that you once again make sure that you have the best circumstances when the cold weather arrives. This means that you will need a high-quality winter tyre. Changing from a good quality summer tyre to a good quality winter tyres will ensure that you will have the best performance all year round despite the change of weather. You don’t want to lose control over your car during any season, but during winter, it can easily happen if you don’t have proper winter tyres. It is important that you have tyres that are approved for winter conditions.

The best way to stay safe is to change away from your summer tyres early enough before the cold weather arrives. If the winter arrives when you still have summer tyres on your car, you should not try to drive it to the service station to have them change the tyres, as it is too dangerous to drive with summer tyres on snow slush or ice. You are better off leaving the car park until the roads are dry again.

The best option, though, is to plan the change early and also to change the tyres early, before you expect the winter will arrive. Of course, we can’t always get it right, but if you plan, you are more likely to get it correct. Make sure that you also follow the regulations that apply for winter tyres. You want them mounted early, but not too early. By planning, you should also be able to get an appointment when it suits you and fits in with your other engagements.

If you have chosen non-studded tyres, you have tyres that can be used in all the countries, so there are no problems if you are planning to travel with the car and visit different countries. When you have studded tyres on your vehicle you must be plan a bit more before your trip and you need to check if studded tyres are allowed in all the countries that you plan to drive through. Germany and Poland have a ban on studded tyres, so you can’t visit or cross them. Some of the others where they are allowed will most likely stull have some limitations on them, like date restrictions of which roads they can be used on.

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