How to Start Your Own Business Podcast

Podcasts consist of a collection or series of audio files that are available to download or view online. 

These also revolve around a certain theme or niche targeted to specific audiences. 

There is an abundance of podcast for entrepreneurs to choose from online and many business owners can benefit from listening to them. 

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to begin a podcast, the following are a few tips on how to start a business podcast of your own:

  • Know your target audience. Before starting the business podcast, one must determine whom the podcast is for or who it is targeted to. It will help business podcasters narrow down their ideas for a theme. 
  • Identify the niche of your podcast. Speaking of a theme, decide what the focus of your podcast will be and make sure that it is something you can easily and authoritatively speak about. 
  • Choose a podcast format. Podcasts come in different formats including solo shows, co-hosted shows, and interview shows. Pick a format that you think best explores the business topic you focus on. 
  • Research and pick tools needed for the podcast. You can’t start a podcast without having the essential tools for it. Make sure to research on what tools and equipment you will be needing for your business podcast such as a laptop and microphone. 
  • Pick music that best suits the personality of your show or business podcast. However, be careful not to use copyrighted music without permission. You can use royalty free music which are available to download online. 
  • Figure out the frequency of publishing content. How often you publish content is crucial to growing your business podcast and therefore gaining more audience. Publishing one content weekly will allow your audience to have enough content to view while also not overwhelming you of posting multiple times a week. 

Knowing the best podcasts to listen to for business is imperative in your success in managing one of your own. It is also beneficial to listen to different kinds of business podcasts in order to further expand one’s knowledge on the fundamentals and complex ideas of the business industry. 

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