Effective Ways to Spot and Avoid Fake or Unlicensed Sportsbooks

Numerous questions come to mind whenever you think of why sportsbook owners and entrepreneurs do illegal sports booking sites. The truth is sportsbooks do need the support of the states to survive. It would be challenging for them if they had no help from the state. They have to have some form of legal protection if the sportsbooks become involved in fraudulent activities. These fraudulent activities are not only against the law but also the interests of the customers.

Sportsbooks that manage without licenses and schedule their sites’ scheduled maintenance expose themselves to fraud and illegal activities. This scenario is a severe offence. If the licensed betting websites are not meeting the needs and requirements of the state, then why do they continue operating an unlicensed site?

If they do not see returns for the licenses, then why do they continue to function unprofessionally? It is better to shut down unlicensed sites rather than let them operate illegally in the long run.

Most of the states have laws and regulations that deal with betting and gaming. Although these laws exist and are enforced, they do not protect them from themselves or the bad guys.

If an online sportsbook is conducting fraudulent activities or is being operated illegally, then the customer is the one who is responsible. Therefore, why do sportsbooks put up the banner of legality? Because they need to continue to generate revenue to pay the bills and keep the lights on.

A sportsbook must operate within the guidelines of the law and the state. If a sportsbook breaks either of these laws and the results can be detrimental to the operation of the sportsbook, then the state or the regulator takes over. In the past, these regulators have been the ones shutting down sportsbooks because of unlawful activities. If you want to set up an online sportsbook, make sure that you get the services of licensed and reputable sportsbooks. This way, you will ensure that your betting activity is 100% legal and legitimate.

So, to serve as assistance, the Online Sportsbook Singapore company, 88Probett, created an infographic with all the helpful ways of spotting and avoiding unlicensed sports booking sites:

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