How LoginID’s Biometric Payment Authentication Works with eCommerce, FinTech, & Crypto

Technological innovations provide businesses with a new channel to accommodate growing consumer demands. One example is automating commercial and banking operations, which improves the current supply chain. As technological advancement and development continue to rise, the global biometric technology market is seen to grow continuously, amounting to more than $39 billion. 

Besides this, the rise of cryptocurrency as an alternative option to traditional payment methods enables faster and more convenient customer transactions. With this, they can access various bank services without intermediaries in the currently deregulated realm of cryptocurrency.

E-commerce businesses can benefit from biometric authentication solutions and cater to their customers’ digital demands as purchasing products and services becomes more accessible. Transactions can be done electronically, and payments can be made with the help of digital wallets.

However, fraudulent activities continue to increase at a time when financial institutions are adopting digital systems. Hackers have become more tech-savvy as they learn to circumnavigate passwords and personal identification numbers or PINs. It poses a challenge for companies to implement robust customer authentication solutions such as Login ID to ensure the security of personal information. 

The continuous rise of fraudulent online activities should encourage businesses and companies to prioritize digital security. The integration of passwordless authentication solutions can help companies verify user identities’ accuracy and provide confidence in every transaction. Instead of using passwords, the users will provide their biometric digital signature, which serves as their authentication means.

Knowledge-based credentials such as passwords are no longer reliable in securing personal information. With this, biometric-based security solutions have become the ideal replacement for businesses to deliver user-friendly payment confirmation and increase the conversion rate in the long run. It also helps in lessening cart abandonment without compromising data protection.

LoginID’s passwordless solutions are easy to integrate across several channels, platforms, and operating systems. As more continue to adopt passwordless authentication, password management will be a thing of the past among information technology or IT staffers. Instead, the IT department of a company or enterprise can focus on crucial tasks that are geared towards their growth in the long run.

For more information about biometric payment solutions, you may visit Login ID through their official website at https://loginid.io

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