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Understanding Workplace Distractions: Factors That Steal Your Focus

Focusing on your work, especially at home, can be daunting. But if you are a virtual assistant in  VA companies in the Philippines, you must work on this aspect to better help your clients.

While this can become challenging, identifying the factors hindering you from working efficiently is the first step in regaining control over your workday.

Here are some of the factors that can steal your focus:

Digital Devices and Notifications

Since the pandemic, many are now utilizing communication channels because of hybrid working set-up. However, this might also pose a significant distraction as this means you’re going through your phone’s notifications every now and then. This could derail your focus within seconds.

The best approach to combat this is to set a specific time for checking messages. This allows you to manage your time effectively and will give you a reason to only look at the important email or social media messages. You can also try silencing unimportant alerts during crucial work periods.


Some may say that multitasking is another level of skill you need to possess, but in reality and work settings, this can actually hinder productivity. Shifting your attention between tasks reduces efficiency and increases the chances of errors.

To stay on track, you can list what you need to accomplish within the day. In this way, you will better grasp what you need to do, and what’s next on your schedule.

Fatigue and Stress

Mental and physical exhaustion, coupled with high stress levels, can erode your ability to concentrate.

To combat this, try the Pomodoro technique when working. If you work in a VA company Philippines, you can benefit from it to stay ahead on your job.

This includes incorporating regular breaks, which can take up to 5 minutes. You may use this to stretch, relax, and clear your mind. After this, you can continue working for 25 minutes. And once you complete 1-2 hour of full-time work, you can opt for longer breaks of around 10-15 minutes.

Stress management when working is crucial as this can delay your productivity.


By proactively addressing these distractions, you can create a focused, efficient work environment to accomplish your goals without unnecessary interruptions.

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