Top Three Benefits of Having A Chandelier at Home

A chandelier was originally made to hold candles and used as a light source during medieval times. Until modernity introduced crystals and glasses that dazzled the light’s reflection in a chandelier.

This type of light has become so popular worldwide that even modern lights and chandeliers in the Philippines are in demand to add beauty to every Filipino’s home.

But aside from the added elegance chandeliers can bring, what other benefits can it provide?

Space Efficient

One of the primary advantages of having a chandelier at home is it is your solution for saving space. Although these are technically not used for space efficiency, given numerous chandeliers are large, those are made for big houses with high ceilings.

Unlike traditional electrical lights, chandeliers take up less floor scope if you choose the most suitable one for your home. There is no need to open other electrical lights. If you want to light up your room, Chandeliers are the perfect choice since they can give any room a dazzling and big scope of light.

Retained Value

When a new material has become popular, it often gets forgotten when something new comes up, but not with chandeliers. This light fixture can still retain its value regardless of how many years have passed.

It is because it is made with high-quality components like precious materials and fine crystals since skilled and knowledgeable artisans create them. Chandeliers are associated with collectors, considering that most of these light fixtures are associated with history; hence, they are ceaselessly viewed as luxurious.

Variety in Designs

Chandeliers come in different styles and sizes, from classic to modern designs. Often, it is rectangular, in diamond shapes, circular, an orb, or a glass sphere.

The most common design types of chandeliers are:

  • Drum Chandeliers – A drum-shaped form surrounds the bulbs, a perfect décor for a contemporary home layout.
  • Crystal Chandeliers – This light fixture’s design is more used in fine dining or entryways since they are designed with top-quality crystals.
  • Empire Chandeliers – If you are going for a more formal and traditional decoration, an empire chandelier is considered a classic design as it is manufactured with a tiered shape and crystal accents.

Final Thoughts

All the abovementioned factors are what made chandeliers still fashionable up until the current time. Thus, it is becoming a versatile and luxurious light fixture at the same time because many artisans are modifying their accents to align to suit an individual’s preference and budget.

One good example is that lights with LED (light-emitting diode) are installable in this light fitting. This opened homeowner’s opportunity to save on electrical budget while still decorating their home with such a luxurious material.

Lightforce Corporation, one of the well-known LED light suppliers in the Philippines, proves that LED lights are advantageous as they are energy efficient, can extend its life, and instantly show their brightness, are durable, and are controllable.