Podcast for Small Business: How to get started?

The podcast is one of the media forms that has exponentially grown its popularity in recent years. It saves many individuals from getting bored as it can provide them informative, educational, inspiring, or entertaining topics, which they can stream from their gadgets anytime and anywhere. 

Due to the fact that many listeners enjoy podcasts, many business owners started looking for ways to capitalize on this medium. With that, if you are one of those entrepreneurs wondering how to start podcasting for small businesses, here are a few recommendations to create your podcast channel. 

Find your niche

The first step is to determine what you want the focus of your podcast to be. You must strike a balance between a broad topic that allows you to study various elements and a limited topic to attract an audience with that specific interest.

Choose a name

You can come up with a self-explanatory descriptive title. Another approach is to come up with something incredibly witty and catchy, but make sure it has a clear link back to your niche. Listeners looking for information on your issue should be able to recognize your name right away. 

Define your style

The most popular podcasts deliver focused content in a conversational, engaging approach. Although a brief topic outline may be helpful, avoid using scripts because they result in stilted language that does not resonate with listeners.

Decide on the length

People will take the time to hear what you have to say, so make it worthwhile for them. A podcast is typically 20-45 minutes long, similar to a commute.


To record a podcast, you do not need a professional studio with expensive equipment. To record the audio, all that is needed is a laptop or tablet, audio recording and editing software, and a high-quality microphone.

To get inspiration in creating your best small business podcasts, you can listen to the David Vs. Goliath podcast hosted by Adam DeGraide. 

Listen to David Vs. Goliath Podcast on their website to learn more about business-related topics.