Paper Bag Types & Sizes (Infographic)

Paper Bag Types & Sizes (Infographic)

There is plastic or foil packaging in the market. Yet, most establishments right now prefer kraft paper bags with handles. It may sound surprising, but that is the reality in today’s services. Given the kraft’s proven qualities, you might also consider it for your business.

If you are unfamiliar with it, this article can help you. We will provide everything you need to know about kraft paper packaging.

Kraft Paper and Its Production

Kraft paper is brown and neutral in color used for multi-purposes. Aside from being environment-friendly, it is also a strong, resistant paper. Its material composition comes from fir, pine, or softwood lumber pulp.

Kraft production begins by dividing the material into several sheets. The manufacturers will proceed to roll and dry the dough. Then, winding. The process ends in forming large coils.

Pros of Kraft Packaging

The advantages of using kraft paper for product packaging are the following:

  • Excellent Resistance: Never underestimate kraft paper. It is strong and can carry heavy products of up to five kilos without the fear of getting torn apart.
  • Eco-Friendly: Kraft paper bags are environmental and biodegradable than plastic. People can recycle them for other purposes. It is also natural and non-toxic for humans and wildlife.
  • Cost-Effective: It is a significant aspect for businesses looking for cost-saving means.
  • Suits Advertising Tactics: You can include your logo, name, and tagline in the paper bag. Paper bags are perfect for marketing collateral.

Cons of Kraft Packaging

Kraft packaging has only one disadvantage: it cannot withstand water.

Suppose you place kraft paper in storage areas where moisture forms. It may affect the quality of products inside. So, storing it should be in dry places only.

Where To Use Kraft Paper Packaging?

The use of kraft packaging has diversified through the years. Today’s food-based large corporations and small businesses are benefiting from it. Caterers are also fond of its advantages, suitable for their trading field. Currently, bakeries and pastries are investing in kraft food packaging.

Besides snack products, kraft packaging is also popular in other industries. Such includes transporting books, clothes, perfumes, shoes, etc. Connect with Bagitan Packaging for more info about high-quality paper bags and other related inquiries. You can call us through WhatsApp (0086 17515113779) or get in touch via our email at or contact page.

Paper Bag Types & Sizes (Infographic)